Prototype manufacturing

We make prototypes for our customers and help them in the development of a new product, so the later production would be as optimal as possible.

Small batch production

Our company run also small serial production in this way we are providing flexibility and advantage to our customers.


Serial production

Our primary activity is serial production where we produce semi-finished and finished products in high quantities for our strategic partners.

Key solutions

We provide key solutions, that include all the phases from development to end product, products can be also assembled and packaged.

We manufacture decorative products according to very high requirements, we also prepare a solution on key.

dekorativna obešala

For the world’s leading companies in the ventilation industry we are manufacturing fan guards and safety grids, every parts are made after high standard requirements.

We are manufacturing mixer hooks and whisks for household appliances. 

mixer whisk and hook

For shops and retail chains, we offer a solution for stacking and showrooms, we producing a wide range of products according to the requirements of our customers.

oprema za trgovine

With CNC turning we produce precision turned parts.


On stamping machines, we bend,cut and transform a material in any shape for all types of industries.


We offer to our customers development solutions in the production of reinforcement parts for massive production

amatura x

We are offering a wide range of flanges for joining of different parts

prirobnice z navoji

Our program of standard painting hooks which can be found in our latest catalogue and we can also develop special applications for you, such as multi purpose hooks, line stands, and other sophisticated applications

kljuka s

According to our customer requirements, we produce any shape from wire, where we also offer a combination of welding and assembling of products

skrivljen nosilec