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We are quality manufacturer of demanding metal parts in the field of bending and welding of wire, sheet metal forming, turning and welding with long tradition and experience.

Our production is based on high quality machine park and technology for forming, bending and welding various metals. We achieve only the best results and we produce only high quality products for our customers, with the help of our team of highly qualified employees who are the greatest added value to our company there is no task that could not be solved.

Our company is based on constant investment and development and the introduction of new processes and trends in our production, we are expanding our knowledge and increasing the range of products that  we manufacture.

Our customers are our priority and we dedicate ourselves to them to the maximum. We are looking for technological solutions and cost optimizations with them.




Modern technology park


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Quality products


Our vision is our future. We want to expand our primary business and introduce new technologies and become a professional supplier of metal products in the global market


The company’s mission is focused on higher quality products and business operation. Quality and performance is achieved through systematic efforts to improve and increase performance and excellence at all levels.

Quality and certificates

We are committed to the quality of the entire business, which is crucial for our company and our customers. We want to achieve only the best. To make it easier to manage our processes and continuous improvements, we use the ISO standard.

iso 9001 2015 siq certifikat
iso 9001 2015 iqnet certifikat